Welcome readers , this is my first post on just love and i am miss consenjo ( miss advice ),as nick named by my friends . I have always been the on my frirnds turned to for advice either is what clothes to wear for a date or ask a girl or boy out and even other things aside from relationships. This blog is going to offer life advice to all those instrested and also relationship stories from my life and that of my friends with their permission of course 😉 . This blog is for people who want a fresh set of ears to listen to them and offer them advice , you reading this i hope this is for you and i hope i will be of help to any problem even if it is what to wear to a date and i also give advice to teens too any one is welcome cause every one needs a miss consenjo in their life and i hope that will be me . So stick with me and get fresh post and a fresh look at life 😁 .


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