Hello !

A friend of mine asked me for advice about a situation . She has been dating her boyfriend for about six months now she is sixteen ( quite young) she said her boyfriend wanted them to have sex and was kind of puting pressure on her to have sex with him. 🤔 hmmmm . She said that she isnt ready to have sex but she is scared that he would leave her or start cheating on her and she asked for my advice on this issue .

Well first of all if he really loves her he wont put pressure on her instead he would wait patiently no matter how hard it is i mean she is quite young . Also since she is not ready for that step she shouldnt take it . So i told her to talk to him and tell him her fears and also the fact that she is not ready for that and if he doesnt understand she should cut him loose .

That is my opinion and i feel no girk should be pressured into having sex . If you guys have other opinions you are free to drop your comments and if you need my honest advice for any thing at all hit me uo on my email vovwepea@gmail.com . I love you guys and thanks for reading till next time and i hope i have more content soon .

—miss consenjo 💖


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