Broken hearted girl

So this post has been on draft for about two weeks. Not knowing how to start or end .

What does it mean to get your heart broken? Well there really is no way to explain it everyone has their different experiences with heart break but its how you handle it that matters.

Whatevery one needs to know is that there is someone out there that is right and you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get to that someone.

You tried the relationship out it didnt work you mope around for a week eat a lot of icecream , read a lot of romance ( my go to move) and move on you shouldnt waste a lot of time being sad about a relationship that is not mearnt to be .

Its okay to be sad about it but you should know that if it is mearnt to be it will be soyou shouldnt kill your self about and i am talking from experience .so if you get your heart broken take your time , move on,put on a smile and show that person that he didnt bring you down.💖

——broken hearted girl💔


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